Education Department

Education Department

Our history:

    Since 1999, the “Remote School” project started serving the rural people with remedial literacy trainings and kindergarten-summer schools for the herders and their children in Arkhangai and Uvurkhangai areas in Mongolia. This was the beginning of our Claim a County (CAC) program. The scope of our trainings increased by other trainings such as character training and today we are serving 22 counties in Arkhangai, Uvurkhangai, Dornod, Dornogobi, Dundgobi, Khentii, Sukhbaatar and Zavkhan aimags. CAC project is implemented in each county for 3 years. We cooperate with the local institutions such as County school, kindergarten, human clinics and hospitals, veterinary practice etc on the basis of their request for CAC from V.E.T. NET

Purpose and Goals:

     We work, train and serve to help the countryside people with numbers of quality and practical trainings so that they may have meaningful, successful and peaceful lives in their motherland. The beneficiaries of our projects are school children, families and the groups of both government service and the private business sector.

Our activities:

    Due to the extreme weather and semi nomadic lifestyle our project activities are organized according to the seasons. We have:

  •  Summer schools and trainings usually at the herder sites
  • Spring and fall trainings in the County Seat
  • Remodeling and equipping projects for the rural school facilities such as dormitory and classrooms
  • Vegetable gardening projects
  • Handicraft, Sewing or Seamstress classes
  • Character Training (classes local and the city sessions)
  • Day care service for our employees’ children.

Details of the activities:

Summer school: Children in the countryside have very little opportunity to select needed trainings or extracurricular activities compared to the children in the City. Therefore our team of 17 full-time teachers and coordinators facilitate remote summer schools such as Kindergarten, Literacy trainings, English and Computer trainings during the two months of summer. Since the schools are organized during the summer holidays, the school teachers from the City and countryside as well as University students are fully able to join us in this service as a part-timer or volunteer. Our additional, fun and teaching activities of Character Training and self-discipline helps the children and the youth to build their social and environmental care skills, respect toward one another, obeying elders such as their teachers and parents, in a word it helps them to mature as young men and women of integrity.

Spring and Fall Trainings: These short-term trainings are organized for the employees of the government institutions such as the local clinic, school and kindergarten and the parents of the school children. Our trainings are conducted on the wide range of topics: Health and Personal Hygiene, Sports and Physical therapy, Business and Finance, Hand crafts, Character Training, Goal setting etc. We had 1276 participants in our 2012 spring training.