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Veterinary Continuing Education

Veterinary Continuing Education

Mongolia V.E.T. Net NGO conducts veterinary and business training programs and projects for the purposes of:

  • Developing business leadership in privatized rural veterinary clinics 
  • Equipping rural veterinary practices with better veterinary knowledge and practical skills
  • Providing modern, high quality veterinary drugs and equipment

Among these veterinary programs, Veterinary Continuing Education (VET CE) is the one that has helped the greatest number of veterinarians and herders in Mongolia.

The first VET CE was successfully implemented through the partnership of Mercy Corp and USDA during the years of 2005-2008.

In 2008 World Vision International, CHF, Samaritan’s Purse and SDC funded the VET CE. During this time 1024 veterinarians of the 700 rural veterinary practices in twenty-one aimags of Mongolia were taught professional veterinary and business topics.

A Model Herder program was successfully implemented in 7 western aimags (Bayan-Ulgii, Uvs, Khovd, Zavkhan, Gobi-Altai, Bayankhongor and Arkhangai) from funding by the Livestock project of SDC during 2009 – 2011.  

            The Veterinary Continuing Education program utilizes veterinary experts, professors and professionals from all over the world: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia along with native veterinarians.   VET CE trainings consist of two components. Firstly V.E.T. Net staff veterinarians conduct the training in the City.  Secondly, they lead the remote veterinarians in hands-on veterinary practical training in the countryside. This enables the veterinarians to learn many practical applications and exchange the experiences.  Western veterinary professionals often come to be part of these trainings.

            Mongolian veterinarians appreciate these practical trainings because of the opportunities to learn to handle the modern veterinary drugs and equipment, practice diagnosing and treating sick animals, performing surgeries, studying modern veterinary medicine and techniques; and actually helping sick animals during the trainings.  

Through the VET CE program, Mongolia V.E.T. Net NGO has registered approximately fifty veterinary drugs with the government and imports them into Mongolia on a regular basis. These high quality, modern, veterinary drugs are manufactured in the USA, England, Australia, Northern Ireland, France and New Zealand.  Veterinarians and the herders appreciate these veterinary drugs very much.

Mongolia V.E.T. Net NGO will continue our commitment to support the rural veterinary practices through Veterinary Continuing Education along with informative programs and projects, with a constant veterinary drug and equipment supply.