Learned a lot in far off America

The veterinarians were sent to a small animal clinic for 1-month training.

Happy English training center

"Happy English" language training center under the Mongolia VET Net NGO organized a two-level English language course from January 8 to 25, 2024, with Elementary and Intermediate, and a total of 15 students successfully completed the course.

In Japan, I participated in a 3D printing course.

I became aware of the applications of 3D printers in veterinary surgery and training.

The Large Animal Veterinary Internship Program 2023 was completed successfully.

Since 2017, Mongolia V.E.T. Net NGO has been implementing a Large Animal Veterinary Internship Program, and this program successfully took place for the 6th year. This year, we had 7 brand new veterinarians and 1 intern who wanted to join and do practice from his work field, so a total of 8 veterinarians participated for 5 months.

Dear colleagues and customers,

Vet Net organization has successfully organized veterinary training in Gobi-Altai and Hovd provinces in cooperation with JICA International Organization's "Practical Capacity Building Project of Public and Private Veterinarians".

Veterinary Continuing Education Program

From February 27 to March 3, 2023, veterinary training was organized for young veterinarians of Dornod and Sukhbaatar provinces.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is not just a human disease. This disease occurs in your pets, dogs and cats. Dogs and cats with diabetes gradually lose their ability to produce insulin.

Our mission

Our mission is to serve Mongolian society by reaching out to all provinces with training in animal husbandry, education, and personal development, and to elevate the veterinary industry to the standards of developed countries.