• Монгол Улс Улаанбаатар хот Хан-Уул дүүрэг 

Organization introduction

Our organization was first established in 1995 associated with the International “JCS” Organization to support the goal: “Veterinarians helping rural herders”. Our Veterinarian organization has been broadening it's range of operations, and as a result we changed our name to “Mongolia V.E.T.Net NGO" which is officially registered with the permission of the Ministry of Justice of the Mongolian government.

“Mongolia V.E.T.Net NGO stands for “Mongolia Veterinary. Education. Training. Network” as an English word abbreviation.

The organization are in the fields of veterinary medicine, agriculture and education with the goal to support the Mongolian rural communities as a non-profit organization that works for the public.

General directions of activity; "MONGOLIA V.E.T NET” NGO operates in the following activities.

  • To provide new techniques, information, new teaching methods for the Mongolian Department of State Veterinary hospitals
  • To support with business and technical aid in order to further the development of privatized veterinary medicine sectors in cities and rural areas
  • To increase the availability of quality veterinary drugs
  • To develop the knowledge and skills of veterinarians;
  • To Provide support and assistance to schools, kindergartens, and medical institutions in rural areas;
  • Providing human hospital services

Additionally, we have been implementing informal educational training for rural people.

Although the organization has not been an NGO for long, it has expanded cooperation with foreign and domestic organizations in a short period of time and it has been stabilizing those activities.

Foreign relations and cooperation

“Mongolia V.E.T.Net” NGO works with foreign partnerships from many countries whom come to Mongolia as foreign professionals, teachers, and professors both short- and long-term veterinarians, human services, educational, finance and business from: America, Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, Switzerland and Germany.

“Mongolia V.E. T.Net” NGO has been working long term with “Mercy Core” International Organization, “CHF-Home initiative”, "Agribusiness Support Program" of the United States Department of Agriculture, “SDC” of the Switzerland Community, “World Vision” International Organization, “Samaritan Purse” International Organization, “JCS” International Organization, “Christian Veterinary Mission” association of the United States of American and England, Australia’s many veterinary clinic and universities.

In addition to developing external cooperation, we are also working closely with the Government of Mongolia, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education and Science”, “Khas Bank”, “Khaan Bank”, “Trade and Development Bank”, “State Veterinary and Medical Department”, “MEESBUL”, “Agricultural University” and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Also, most of these organizations have been cooperating with the organization for a long time. This shows that we are working without losing the trust of our customers.