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Veterinary Internship Program

Veterinary Internship Program

V.E.T. Net’s goal is reaching out to new veterinary graduates with practical hands-on veterinary training by working with V.E.T. Net professional staff veterinarians and long-term veterinary advisors in the small and large animal clinics and training centers for 6 months. Effective science-based veterinary diagnostics, procedures, overview of animal health care, production medicine, treatments, and proper use of medications will be taught to these interns.

V.E.T. Net would like to train six veterinary interns each year following graduation from the veterinary university. Therefore, we hope to have these individuals experience practical clinical training combined with classroom discussion/lectures, English language courses, and additional professional skills advancements such as financial courses, computer skills, and personal character traits.

As of October 1, 2018, 7 graduates of Internship program are working in private practice veterinary clinics and ambulatory veterinary services rather than abandoning their veterinary skills to other occupations. Three graduates continue pursuing their professional degree abroad and practicing their veterinary skills at the same time.

The interns will develop lasting friendships with V.E.T. Net staff and personal clinical colleagues/mentors for future advice and recommendations. The value of this program, we hope, will be acknowledged by the veterinary school, its graduates, and animal health professionals in Mongolia. As well as, the Mongolian herders, who will personally experience the improvement and quality of veterinary care they receive from these veterinarians who participate in the internship program.