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Claim a county

Claim a county

Our project first started in 1999 as “The project to support remote rural schools” in Arkhangai and Uvuvrkhangai Provinces. We began to organize summer preschool classes for herder’s children and taught literacy for illiterate children.

From 2003 our project name changed to “Claim a County”, and the project has been expanding to more counties.

The “Claim a County '' project was completed in Arkhangai, Uvurkhangai, Dornod, Dornogobi, Dundgobi, Khentii and Sukhbaatar provinces though all of the province's counties. Each county completed a 3year course. After that, we have been continuously implementing projects and necessary training for countryside people after the completion of those 3 years.

Within the “Claim a County” project, since 2017, the “Gift of Love” project has been implemented in which we give the gift of sheep or goats to poor families in the countryside. We gather together with the local governor and local veterinarians to deliver the animals. 

Currently, the “Claim a County” project has been implemented successfully in Bulgan, Khuvsgul, Zavkhan, Selenge, Umnugobi, Bayankhongor, Khovd provinces making a total of 28 Counties each completing the 3 years course.

During the “Claim a County” project there were a total of 11,297 children and adults in 2022. Also, Khovd province just recently started the “Claim a County” project in 2022.


     The project team organizes quality trainings for the intellectual needs of local people, children, youth, families, and employees of government organizations, and aims to help them apply what they have learned in their lives and lead a better life.


  • Personal development trainings in spring and fall time
  • During the summer vacation, providing children with the opportunity to develop academically
  • “Gift of Love” project for poor families
  • Day care for VetNet’s staff kids

Compared to children urban areas, for children in rural areas it is not possible to attend the courses that they would want during the summer holidays. That is why, the "Claim a County" project team organizes necessary summer trainings in local communities during the summer holidays for school aged students, as well as 35-day kindergarten trainings for children who cannot go to the school buildings in the county centers.

               About 100 summer teachers every year and students who are studying to become teachers work as summer teachers in the annual summer training. The English language, Kindergarten, and Character curriculum and textbooks used in the summer training are prepared by the teachers working on the “Claim a County” project and used by the children as a guide for the summer classes.

               At the end of the training, children report what they have learned through the summer training to their parents, friends, teachers, and local authorities, and some students successfully participate in regional and national competitions, giving them the opportunity to see the results of the summer training in real life.

Spring and Fall’s Training;

               We organize short-term Personal Development training, cognitive and friendly competitions for local officials, teachers, doctors, school students, families and parents.

 “Gift of Love project”

               Within the context of social responsibility, the Gift of Love project in rural areas has been working with the local Governor's office and veterinarians since 2017 to give sheep as gifts to families of the target group as food aid. Every year between 2017 and 2022, the "Gift of Love Project" has been implemented in 103 districts of 16 provinces, and 10,104 sheep have been given to 2,816 families in cooperation with 535 veterinarians.


                 Day care for the children of employees of the organization started in 2006. Currently, about 10 nursery age and preschool aged groups participate. Continuous organization of day care activities contributes to solving child care needs of the employees of the organization.